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You be the judge.

You be the judge.

Shark Rescue was founded in August 2009 in Hong Kong, ground zero of the shark trade. To see a short video of our launch, please click here. Since then, we've raised the alarm of the threat to our oceans. Sharks are vulnerable and they have already been pushed towards extinction.

We are now boldly calling for a comprehensive ban of the shark trade in Hong Kong. The city is the most critical agent in the shark trade, so this ban would directly help shark populations around the world.

Launched in May 2013, our goal is to get more than 100,000 signatures. Our previous petitions helped get companies like Cathay Pacific to ban the transport of shark fin on their flights.

Together, we will get a ban in Hong Kong!

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Campaign timeline - how we're petitioning for change!

9 May, 2013
- Petition launched!


26 September, 2013 - Ran registers to Barclays Moontrekker 2013 to raise awareness of the petiton!

To read about the midnight marathon
to help sharks, click here.


24 October, 2013 - Petition about to reach 5,400 signatures!

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25 October, 2013 - Ran runs for Shark Rescue at Barclays MoonTrekker 2013 and completes the race, resulting in US$1380 (HK$10,612) in funds to raise awareness of our petition!

About Shark Rescue

Shark Rescue is an initiative from Sigei Media and we are based in Hong Kong. Launched in August 2009, our mission is to protect sharks and the oceans from unsustainable human activity. We're working toward a ban on the shark trade because this fishery has already decimated shark populations around the world and damaged the balance of marine habitats.

For more information, to organise an interview, or to just give us a pat on the back, please contact us today.