To Shark Rescue’s Friends & Family:

In May 2009 I asked myself what I truly cared about and what could I do to make a difference? The answers were that I have a conservation ethic that drives me to help others and I deeply care about the health of the biosphere – our land and our seas.

I was based in Hong Kong and learned how much the city had to change in order to be responsible when it comes to marine conservation. Hong Kong is one of the world’s main port centers, with the seas literally lapping its shores. I also learned how the city is a major cargo hub and huge consumer of shark products, making it a critical player in the shark trade. Hong Kong is responsible for habitat destruction the world over, making this an issue of clear and present danger.

On 12 August 2009, I launched Shark Rescue. Our approach has been to use the power of education to spread the idea that together, we can protect our oceans.

Seven years later, I will head back to land-locked Montreal. From there, it will make more sense to focus my energy on issues closer to home. For this reason, I hope to pass the torch to the next generation. 

If you are passionate about protecting sharks and our oceans, if you also want to make a difference and would like to bring Shark Rescue to the next level, please let me know.

Unless someone steps up to take over, on 12 August 2016 Shark Rescue will come down and leave it to others to fight the good fight.

To a brighter future where sharks are protected and respected!


Ran Elfassy
Director, Shark Rescue

Since 12 August 2009, we've been raising the alarm on what's happening with our oceans. The fact is, human activities around the world are ruining ocean health and we can do something about it.

We're still petitioning for a shark-trade ban at ground zero of the shark trade. The ban is simply the right thing to do.


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